coyote trapping

Scott Welch and Clint Locklear on coyotes

coyote trapping

Listen as Scott welch and Clint Locklear talk all things coyote trapping during the OSTA fall convention. This is a two part show that covers traps and equipment, location, scent control, antifreeze methods, set construction and more! Tons of info that you will want to listen through more than once to take it all in. Scott and Clint share lots of "no holds barred" trapping knowledge. This is pure, unscripted trapper talk. You will be entertained as well as educated...these are fun shows to listen to!

Scott Welch and Clint Locklear talk trapping

Trapper Radio Scott Welch

Listen in as Scott Welch and Clint Locklear talk trapping at the 2012 NTA in Minnesota. Scott guests on Trapper Radio and Clint leads him from topic to topic ranging from trapping in wet and freezing weather for coyotes, fox and bobcats, to raccoon and muskrat trapping, to explaining the differences in preservatives for lure and bait making. They also touch on what it means to be a professional trapper in today's world and some thoughts on the trapping lure and bait business. This is a very entertaining and fast-paced interview.