Your Best Season Ever

The human mind is a funny thing. When we have shoddy, disorganized equipment, no real plan and no drive to reach goals our minds and bodies will gladly go along. However, when we set goals and make a plan and keep things well maintained and organized our minds and bodies will go along with that too. In fact, our minds and bodies thrive in an environment like that. We are at our best when we are doing our best. (Read that line again and think about that for a minute.) These are the things that really separate the outstanding from the average.

Mental Toughness

Back during my high school baseball days I entertained somewhat ungrounded aspirations of being a big leaguer someday. I read Ted Williams’ “Science of Hitting” until it made my eyes cross. I did so Hoping that I would come up with something that would miraculously turn me in to something I wasn’t. Mr. Williams speaks at length in his book of the mental toughness and concentration needed to be a great or even above average hitter. An above average major league hitter can carry a .300 or better batting average.

Nelson Quotes

A few quotes from the master, and the best trapping writer we may ever be blessed with.

“A good trapper is willing to admit that he has much to learn. You can always learn. Among these trappers, I now and then find a man who does not quite know it all. It pleases me to know and meet trappers like that, as I feel on an even plane with them, knowing as I do, that I still have so very much to learn. I am always glad to get an honest tip and equally glad to pass one along to a really deserving trapper.””