Your Best Season Ever

The human mind is a funny thing. When we have shoddy, disorganized equipment, no real plan and no drive to reach goals our minds and bodies will gladly go along. However, when we set goals and make a plan and keep things well maintained and organized our minds and bodies will go along with that too. In fact, our minds and bodies thrive in an environment like that. We are at our best when we are doing our best. (Read that line again and think about that for a minute.) These are the things that really separate the outstanding from the average. It is more important than trap size and set construction and which lure and bait you use. Are these kinds of things important, yes, but that isn’t where the real differences are. Give Phil Mickelson your golf clubs and you take his, are the clubs what really make the difference? I thought so. We don’t all trap in areas with outstanding animal populations, we don’t all get good weather to trap in, but regardless of where you trap, how much you trap or in what conditions you trap in; you can plan this season better than ever, you can perform better than ever. You can get so far out in front of the competition that it is just you racing against the track. YOU can do this and you can do it starting right now, this moment. Plan it and make it happen, the only thing holding you back is you. Take a real close look at your trap line and pick a few areas where you know you are dropping the ball and make a conscious effort to work on them. On opening day this season get the hole shot out of the gate, and leave everyone else behind, racing for second place. Whether you are a serious full-time fur taker paying bills with a fur check, or going all-out on a two week vacation, or running twelve sets at four in the morning before work, make this the season when you really started to turn it on.   Take this season seriously and give it your best, we all get a finite number of seasons, make the most of them.
I am a sucker for good quotes, so before I get out of here, I’ll leave you with a few to think about.

“The will to succeed is important, but I’ll tell you what’s more important; it’s the will to prepare.”
-Bobby Knight

“Action without planning is the cause of every failure.”
- Alex MacKenzie

“Planning without action is a dream; action without planning is a nightmare.”
- Mike Ditka