Nelson Quotes

A few quotes from the master, and the best trapping writer we may ever be blessed with.

“A good trapper is willing to admit that he has much to learn. You can always learn. Among these trappers, I now and then find a man who does not quite know it all. It pleases me to know and meet trappers like that, as I feel on an even plane with them, knowing as I do, that I still have so very much to learn. I am always glad to get an honest tip and equally glad to pass one along to a really deserving trapper.””

“I know many fair trappers today, who would be very good trappers, if they would but get their head out of the clouds, put their feet on the ground and start trapping  fur instead of muddling around with a heap of damn fool, hush-hush, trapline magic mystery.”

“To the man that has never followed the trails of the traplines, I can only say, “You have missed much” You will find him rich in health, happiness, and the things of life that are most worthwhile, and mellow with the memories of a life well spent in God’s great, clean outdoors…Ah, for the life of a millionaire, say some-but just let me stay a trapper.”

“The coyote cry, for some reason, never fails to get under my skin. It makes my heart beat a little faster, and every time I hear it, I find myself holding my breath until the last quavering, high notes fade away. It is sort of a trapline tonic…”

“I am most confident that I had very few ancestors that could have been called staid, everyday citizens. I am sure that if you took a close look into the branches of the old family tree, you would find them hanging heavy with bundles of beaver and wolf pelts; you would see dim forest trails, cold campfires along the way, and surely moccasined trappers bearing long rifles…I’ll bet the only time their women folk saw them was on rare occasions when they opened the cabin door, headed for the kitchen table, and started to tell about the wonderful country of furs, fish and game that lay to the west or to the north or over the next two mountain ranges…”