coyote trapping

Listen as Scott welch and Clint Locklear talk all things coyote trapping during the OSTA fall convention. This is a two part show that covers traps and equipment, location, scent control, antifreeze methods, set construction and more!


The human mind is a funny thing. When we have shoddy, disorganized equipment, no real plan and no drive to reach goals our minds and bodies will gladly go along.


Back during my high school baseball days I entertained somewhat ungrounded aspirations of being a big leaguer someday. I read Ted Williams’ “Science of Hitting” until it made my eyes cross.

Trapper Radio Scott Welch

Listen in as Scott Welch and Clint Locklear talk trapping at the 2012 NTA in Minnesota.


A few quotes from the master, and the best trapping writer we may ever be blessed with.