Spike It

‘Spike It’ is a bait solution geared for fresh or light taint meat baits. If running a mild fresh meat bait early, you can spike part of it giving you a light changeup and two baits out of the same meat. One tablespoon solution to 8 oz. fresh meat will ‘amp up’ the fresh meat odor. When it gets colder, 2 tablespoons per 8 oz. meat will give it a bit of a ‘twang’. Coyotes are the main thrust here but it works just as well on fox. An inexpensive way to treat your homemade bait (chunk or ground), plus it works to a ‘T’ in our 3-Meat. All meats should be preserved prior to ‘Spike It’ use unless from out of the freezer to the line. No aging required. Spike It and use. Directions on label.